Centre for Design


The Centre for Design is a commercial enterprise established under the National Design Innovation Hub, supported by Enterprise Ireland.

We pride ourselves on our experience, sectoral expertise and methodologies that bring Design Strategy to the hearts of Ireland’s business community. We aim to cultivate and drive Design Thinking and more importantly, Design Strategy in other commercial enterprises that will result in definable and measurable value creation.

We support enterprises through innovation, research, strategy and scaling opportunities using our proven methodologies delivered under our Alpha, Omega and Epsilon Programmes. We strive to bring meaningful initiatives to businesses to drive meaningful and value add initiatives to their customers.

About Us

“Inspiring design strategy in the hearts of Irish Business”

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Our Services

“To create the infrastructure and environment to drive design innovation and strategy in our customers’ businesses and to realise their future potential”

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Future of Work

“C4D uses world class technology, approaches and people to help businesses realise their full potential through practical, commercial and design thinking methodologies in our state of the art facility”

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